Saint Thomas Cemetery – Thomaston

Saint Mary’s Cemetery – Terryville

Saint John’s Cemetery -Terryville

Cemeteries, like homes and neighborhoods can be beautiful and attractive, or cluttered and untidy.  This appearance depends in part on the cemetery regulations.  Only by your cooperation and adherence to these rules and our strict enforcement of them can we attain our common goal, a beautiful cemetery.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

The following are some of the rules and regulations:  

  1. The cemetery transfers only the right or privilege of burial to the certificate holder, and not the title to the land itself.
  2. Endowed care is obligatory for all lots, and arrangement for endowed care on lots not endowed must be made at the time of the next, interment, or prior to the placement of memorial work on any lot.
  3. Impermeable outside containers are required on all burials.
  4. The planting of flowers is permitted on upright monument lots only, and is confined to a 10 inch area in front of the monument.
  5. Potted plants are permitted provided they are not dug into the soil.  They will be removed when their appearance warrants.  Cut flowers are always permitted.
  6. Artificial decorations are not permitted during the growing season March 15th-November 1st.
  7. Articles such as jars, water cans, votive lights, palm, and bric-a-brac of any description are forbidden, and will be removed without notice.
  8. Shrubs and trees are not allowed.  The cemetery reserves the right to remove shrubbery it deems unsightly.
  9. Appropriate winter decorations are permitted during the period of November 1st-March 15th.
  10. Raised grave markers, enclosures, fences, curbing, railings, raised corner post are forbidden.
  11. Granite and marble benches now in the cemetery will be permitted to remain.  No new benches will be permitted.
  12. No new planting urns will be permitted.  Planting urns now in the cemetery will be allowed to remain, as long as their appearance warrants, except that urns on lots without a monument must be removed upon the erection of a monument.  Urns that are not planted by Memorial Day will be removed.
  13. Monuments may only be placed on plots, which have been paid in full.  The size, design, and location of all memorial work must meet cemetery specifications.  Approval for memorial design and location must be obtained before placing an order.  Memorial dealers are aware of the cemetery regulations.
  14. Absolutely no vehicles on grass surfaces.
  15. No individual is permitted to perform grass cutting chores or utilize power equipment on cemetery property.
  16. Any article which interferes with cemetery maintenance will be removed.
  17. The grave site for any burial will be determined by the Cemeteries Director, unless specific site has been requested at time of burial notification.


For more information, please call the Parish Office at 860 283 5817.

* Rules are subject to change as the best interest of the cemetery demands.

The cemeteries have no winter maintenance. The cemeteries are open during the daylight hours.