Connecticut Catholic Men’s Conference


We’re seeking men to take on the awesome challenge of being a Parish Captain, to reach to your brothers and invite them to this year’s Connecticut Catholic Men’s Conference. If you have experienced the incredible benefits of attending the conference, why not share it with the men of our parish?

A Parish Captain prays for the success of the conference and the men God will call to attend. He also puts up the poster at church; recruits men through phone calls, emails, one-to-one contact; handles registration for the conference and possibly arranges a group of men to get there! All efforts are helpful!

Come join our brotherhood of leaders and experience the joy of leading other men closer to Christ. You may register online at Go to the Parish Captain section and click “sign up”. We will have our Parish Captain training on June 1st. If you have questions or would like more information email:

Ken Santopietro
Director, CT Catholic Men’s Conference
SAVE THE DATE: October 19, 2019

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